3D-Tech pieces with an articulation on one end and a U-shaped notch on the other. The pieces can be developed with different lengths, widths and outlines and they fit together at different angles to shape colourful leisure elements that are more or less abstract.

For this idea we were inspired by children’s magnet games. In a “dry” playground, they don’t require structure and can support different play elements such as swings and nets. In an aquatic playground, we would use PVC to carry the water to the usual different outlets that are found in children’s zones.




With this program we are revolutionising the market of modular water games, known as “Water Castles”. It is a complete program with modular components manufactured in 3DTech, reproducing the colourful wooden puzzles of yesteryear. Most kids have played with these pieces, creating houses, boats, cars or anything their imagination could produce. The SprayBlocks make use of the visual and tactile power of this concept to generate infinity of children’s play areas.

The system is made up of several different-sized square-shaped base pillars, cylinders, semicircles, triangles and arches, with dimensions apt to shape archways and elevated platforms. All the modules are installed threaded onto metallic pillars, where the water conduits are hidden, so that slides and a wide variety of accessories such as windmills, tipping buckets or water cannons can function.


The colourful blocks, installed with a certain, “lack of precision”, as if a child had stacked them, complements the visual effect, making them really stand out in aquatic facilities.

Oscillating shades


We’re presenting a new concept of modular shade that can turn on its pillar supports and as such find the ideal solar angle. It allows the installation of a motorised movement system, for supposed solar tracking with photovoltaic panels, or to create interesting cinematic effects with the shapes that slowly spin or swing back and forth, like gentle waves produced by the wind.

According to the desired effect and density of shade, we can choose between a type of cover with slats, geometric lattices or continuous membrane, in any of the standard materials found on the market.

This concept is contemplated to provide a new landscaping focus for seaside promenades, outdoor parking areas or large plazas and gardens where we wish to create surprising effects for pedestrians.


Solar fountain


Using our extensive experience in moulding slide layouts, on this occasion we’re proposing an original fountain. Its curved shape is reminiscent of an elongated leaf. Its sloping, softly-bent stem provides an adequate working height to support a curved solar panel.

An outstanding, ecological and autonomously functioning fountain, for pedestrians’ visual delight and climatic comfort.

Under the perimeter of photovoltaic cells, integrated during the moulding of the panel, it has a hydraulic circuit that will create a smooth water curtain. The collection basin will allow any perimeter outline and for one or several fountains to be integrated, to be placed at different angles or to be adapted to any new or existing design.

The system of batteries and pumps can be installed in the base of the sculpture or in an independent plantroom, according to the scope of intervention. The structure allows LED RGB lighting to be installed, to colour the water with any nocturnal atmospheric scenic effect.


New SprayToy: The Clover Twirl


We’re presenting the Clover Twirl, a new component in our range of SprayToys, interactive elements for children’s pools.

A four-leaf clover shaped shade-shower. Water falls from one of its leaves, towards the pool. Its curved stem can be rotated 360º on a vertical swivel mechanism, which cuts the flow of water outside a determined angle. When the shade is oriented towards the lounger area, the hydraulic mechanism stops the flow of water and the waterfall does not wet the outside of the pool.

It can be installed on the border of any pool on a special anchor plate with reduced footing, making use of the pool basin’s civil works. It can also be used dry, without a hydraulic circuit, to create original plant-inspired swivel shades and in any combination of colours, covering wide areas of relaxation that they will shade during any hour of the day.


Wavy Shades


This proposal consists of a vast organic undulating shape, whose central nerve rests on the ground on two points. Its design allows for various positions on the ground, either alone or as a combination. Depending on the pedestrian’s viewpoint, the smooth curves of its shade transmit different visual sensations, all with strong organic and plant inspiration. The supporting structure emulates the thick stem of a giant leaf, or even the tail of a marine animal at the point of diving.

The Wavy Shades program is contemplated to cover large public areas with a minimum of support points, thanks to each gateway’s 75m2 of shade and the 12m arch between each base. It is an excellent solution for bus stops, rest areas on seaside proms, parking zones or central urban plazas where the added value of great formal beauty is required.


3D Tech themed covers for shades


We’re presenting a new shade cover for public spaces, produced with our exclusive 3DTech system, which allows the creation of self-supporting structures with high added-value. The giant leaves allow for variations in shape and orientation and the curved stems produce harmoniously combined, elegant outlines to frame routes, or to highlight resting or break areas.

Thanks to the qualities of 3DTech, we can apply any texture and colour on the leaves and branches, to strengthen the organic or geometrical characteristics, adapting them to any aesthetic criteria of the surroundings where they are to be installed. The system of giant leaves permits hydraulic circuits on the interior of the structure, to install misting sprays for very dry climates.

ULF / Urban Light Forms


This is a different conception of urban lighting, a strategy that reverses the notion of "going unnoticed". Traditionally, streetlamps and lighting of streets and plazas, roads and motorway junctions have been more functional than decorative.

Thanks to our new 3D Tech technology, we can create interesting sculptural shapes that solve the problem of elegant solar panel alignment. The support allows the angle to be optimized according to the geographical latitude of its location and the direction of the LED lighting, in accordance with the orientation of the street or area to be lit. Its lightness allows all the mechanical characteristics of the interior post to be kept in regards to resistance, whilst facilitating improved integration and protection for the photovoltaic panels, battery and LED lights.

According to the type of urban project, our ULF program can be adapted to any style requested by the client. We cover the entire standard range of heights and signage elements can also be integrated. We can shape new urban elements, with different effects for daytime and nighttime.

3D-Tech lattice screens and partitions

Thanks to the CNC machining of any imaginable geometric or organic outline, we can offer a new solution to create divisions for architectonic spaces, with high visual impact.

The dimensions can be scaled to adjust to the visual proportions or landscape in which they are to be set and the thickness of the screen-walls can also be varied according to the structural and aesthetic parameters.

From now on, it will be much easier and more economical to create environments of great visual beauty or improve existing spaces, thanks to our exclusive prefabricated 3D-Tech system, which allows project dimensions to be adapted to an optimum modulation for their transportation and installation. Our partitioning solution is apt both for interior applications and for installation in gardens or outdoor plazas.


3D-Tech Façade Coating / 3D-Tech Wall


In this Newsletter, we are presenting a new solution for the design, manufacture and installation of three-dimensional coatings for ventilated façades, which we call 3D-Tech Wall.

Through the virtues of our 3D-Tech system, which is light and has great thermal and acoustic insulation power, we offer the chance of changing the appearance of any building’s façade, at an affordable price and in a reduced delivery time. Our system can renew the image of any building, whether in urban builds, industrial warehouse façades or recoating family homes, with the consequent associated benefits of corporate image.

Furthermore, our solution allows the reproduction of any graphic or three-dimensional concept on the façade.

3D-Tech Wall opens up a new world of visual textures, colours and geometrical shapes of any kind, for renovating obsolete or degraded architecture with a modern, personalised image that is easily identifiable from a distance.




A new shape for a classic children’s pool waterslide, with jets that flow from both leaf blades.

The outline of the stem allows the integration of the access steps and railing, whilst underneath there is a small tunnel between the cascades.

Created with our exclusive 3D-Tech material, it allows diverse combinations of colours and shapes to be integrated into our clients’ leisure projects.



A new slide system, cable-suspended like a swing and tensioned to the ground by nets. The whole attraction oscillates when children climb up the sides, producing a new level of interactivity when simultaneously sliding down inside the slide.

The concept allows it to be combined with other traditional and aquatic attractions, adventure circuits or zip-wires. It can also be installed in dry areas, on grass, sand or anti-crash elastic pavements of any urban park.

The structures from which the slides are suspended are covered with 3D-Tech, allowing the game to be formed in the specific theme requested by our client. They can also be used to connect water circuits at a height, with the possibility of creating waterfalls and sheets of water in the game’s environment.

Guaranteed fun with a new line that adapts to the different dimensions of a project and support colours and shapes and which are created with our exclusive 3D-Tech system.

Cheese Slides


Following the creative spirit that characterizes us, our Design and R+D departments have developed a new attraction; the “Cheese Slides”.

They are a new kind of waterslide for children’s pools, thanks to the qualities of our exclusive 3DTech system. Kids will enjoy going through and sliding down the giant holes of a large chunk of Emmental cheese.

The configuration allows for labyrinth layouts and lets children play between them, by crossing the colossal cheese through a large tunnel, or by gliding down any of the slides that will carry them out to the other side.

The holes in the top and sides of the block of cheese provide light and ventilation and allow visual contact with the children’s parents. It also allows for the addition of different water effects, which can be included in this friendly and modern attraction.


Wet Shadow Tree


Designed to provide shade in plazas, streets or open urban areas, its photovoltaic solar panels supply the energy required to pump the water of a series of jets or misting diffusors installed on its branches.

Its modular conception allows infinity of landscaping compositions, which together with the different ways of spraying arches of water under its branches, allows for pleasant shaded environments for pedestrians.

At the base of the tree, modular benches can be added to accommodate elongated pools, with water curtains in the middle to transmit moisture with the displacement of the air. On the ground, the concept allows for the possibility of channels, which also collect water from the branches and allow spaces to be divided. Water recirculation is done by means of a pump beneath the trunk of each tree.

The Wet Shadow Tree is an autonomous and ecological solution that provides added value to traditional solutions.

New equipment for water movement in lazy rivers


A Lazy River is one of the key attractions in a waterpark. It is a channel through which a current of water flows, which follows a winding path around the park.

Guests can travel on it on a tube, by walking it or simply by letting their bodies float in the water. Throughout the river’s course, there can be quieter areas or more active zones with surprises, such as spray attractions, different types of current, waves and so on.
A Lazy River requires the movement of a great flow of water and traditional equipment usually requires large investment, both for the equipment itself, as well as for structures, hydraulic networks etc. Furthermore, due to its low performance, it requires a large amount of electricity to generate the movement of the water.

Being aware of this classic attraction’s weak points and following our policy of design of profitable businesses for our clients, safety for customers and respect for the environment; our R+D department has developed new equipment for the movement of the large masses of water in lazy rivers.

With this new system, we get an attraction that is as equally safe as fun, (exceeding all applicable safety standards), whilst greatly reducing implementation costs, as simple and economic civil works are needed. The designed equipment has a high performance, with which power savings of up to 60% are made, in comparison with a conventional system. This means a considerable energy saving or in other words, a reduction in operating costs of this essential waterpark attraction.

Three-dimensional Labyrinth Puzzle


A space in which to experiment with traditional puzzle pieces, in a totally different and thought-provoking way. The giant modules, which differ in height and colour, allow three-dimensional labyrinths to be created, explored and climbed upon, or where children can jump from piece to piece. Their imagination will be responsible for creating the interactions between themselves and the puzzle-space.

Constructed in 3D-Tech, the pieces are rigid and very light. They allow children to move and change their position during the game. To move the bigger pieces, two children will have to co-operate together, which will enhance collaboration in the game experience. Set upon any kind of paving, sand, grass or elastic agglomerate material, it allows endless labyrinth designs by combining heights and colours.

The rigid posts anchored to the floor allow certain puzzle pieces to be immobilized as a reference point and so that arches or other three-dimensional figures can be raised.

Aqua Zoo


From traditional interactive games, we present a new themed design based on the experience of a visit to the zoo. Children can cross hanging bridges and launch themselves down slides and giant ramps, amongst the animals that move with the water. In this way, they can cross through the waterfall of the lion’s cave, or they can see how the great elephant showers and moves his head each time his back is covered in water.

The giraffes drink from the top of the towers and lower their long necks to splash anyone crossing the bridges.

Zebras, panthers, leopards, hippos and rhinos coexist peacefully in an eye-catching water attraction designed with superimposed silhouettes, like a large toy.

Cantilever Tensile Towers


Continuing with our line of constant innovation, we are introducing a new concept of slide exit towers for waterparks.

With a slim and light typology through the use of vertical traction cables for the diverse slide stair sections and exit platforms, the central three-column tower is responsible for absorbing structural forces, leaving the whole ascending trajectory of the steps suspended by fine perimeter cables and joined to the central structural core.

The system, which is fully prefabricated and modular, adapts to any slide positioning and height, allowing the exit platforms to be placed at any level and direction in regards to the central tower.

The formal simplicity of our cantilever towers allows new business strategies, as they have been conceived as a support for decorative and promotional images that increase the profitability of our clients’ investment; from digitally printed stretched canvas, rigid panels or even large format video screens.

The exterior tensioned cables allow decorative and themed covers to be fixed with our ultra-light 3D-Tech flexible panel system, transforming the towers into authentic sculptures with great visual impact.


Houses over water for the Middle East


These houses are inspired by the bungalows anchored on coralline rock that are characteristic of the Maldives Islands, which form interconnected modular structures with walkways above the water.

The incorporation of architectonic features from Arabic culture, combined with the latest avant-garde style architectural trends, allow us to offer diverse and formally innovative solutions with great touristic attraction for the Middle Eastern markets.

The lightness of the 3D-Tech system for prefabricated shapes is shown here as an ideal option for this type of buildings, given that the construction time is a determining factor in the final cost of the project.

Amusement Logic’s exclusive 3D-Tech technology allows an extensive variety of constructive typologies with an excellent quality-price ratio.

The images shown correspond to very preliminary designs.



Spider Play


A new children’s game inspired by elaborate spider webs. Children have to climb up a great spider’s web of ropes and knots to reach the slide of the large arachnid, from whose legs hang swings and ropes. They can also hide in the tunnel under its belly.

The Spider Play concept allows the climbing cobwebs to be combined with hanging bridges and towers themed as trunks or trees. The heights of the slide will depend on the dimensions and design of the spiders.

We have designs for playgrounds and waterparks. The pool version incorporates water curtains in the arches of the spider’s legs and different types of interactive jets.

The appearance and dimensions of the spider and trunk towers is adaptable according to the style requested by the client, thanks to our exclusive 3D-Tech material for modelling and coating internal metallic structures, guaranteeing safety, exclusivity and the appeal of the attraction.



3D-Tech / Prefabricated housing

Our themed architectural system 3D-Tech widens its scope of use, as a highly efficient solution for the prefabrication of single-floor houses.

Amongst the advantages that this process offers, the flexibility of design and dimensions of the constructions that this system allows, the speed of construction and economy compared to traditional systems, should be highlighted.

Added to its virtues as the creator of any kind of exclusive sculptural shapes, as can be seen in the examples shown, is the possibility of assembling family housing with a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. This allows its use in all types of climate and with shorter delivery times than those of more conventional construction.

The assembly system of the self-supporting 3DT-Tech acts in collaboration with standard metallic framework, which allows the electrical and plumbing installation to be fitted immediately after completing the assembly and joint-sealing of the house. The interior finishes and type of flooring are available according to client requirements, with diverse qualities and market prices.

We are already developing projects applying this type of housing in different countries in Africa and the Middle East and on which we will provide further details in future Newsletter editions.


Aqua Runner


Walk or run on the water inside a large-diameter transparent cylinder, which floats and moves forward thanks to the two lateral rings, designed with smooth-lined fins to optimise advancing on water without waves. Designed as an attraction for both adult and children’s pools, it can also be used in new sports or relaxation concepts in natural aquatic environments such as lakes and reservoirs. The transparent ring which is stepped upon, causes the continual advance that allows both an underwater view as well as a frontal view throughout the journey.

Turns are made by stepping diagonally on the sides of either of the two wheel-floats, creating a controlled imbalance similar to that of a catamaran when it makes the same manoeuvre. Fun and exercise guaranteed, whilst “walking” on the water.



Swinging Slide


The Swinging Slide is a new product developed by Amusement Logic, ideal for installing in children’s pools and kids’ zones in waterparks.

It provides a new sliding sensation caused by the different random paths produced by the oscillating tube and the unexpected exit from the slide.

Its two lateral wings receive water in the form of alternative jets or cascades and they cause the smooth and continuous swinging of the polyester tube about its axis. Its 1,8m diameter allows two or three children to be launched at the same time. Its gradual straight slope transforms into a curved and dynamic path from the swinging of the tube, whose walls rise and fall depending on the mechanic regulation of the system. All in complete safety, of course.

The exterior structure of the slide allows it to be themed in any way, opening an infinity of possibilities to customise this fun attraction.




SwingRock is an alternative solution to the traditional Mushroom-Shower, much more exciting and fun.

A heavy rock levitating on a powerful jet of water, which continually moves and turns. The geyser’s water bounces on its base, producing a random cascade of water under which we can shower.


Made with light materials and with a hyper realistic texture, its centre of gravity on the base connects with a transparent methacrylate column through a special ball joint, to allow movements of rotation and oscillation and guarantee safety. The column is surrounded by several foam-effect vertical fountain nozzles, to simulate the geyser.

A pedestal protects the nozzles above the height of the pool’s water surface. The system allows different shapes and sizes of rocks to be distributed in different pool areas creating as such, a wonderful landscape of dancing, floating rocks.


African Adventure


New African-themed interactive children’s pool.

We propose large, articulated figures, designed by means of superimposed silhouettes that are inspired from the real dimensions of animals from the savannah.

It provides new interactive experiences; running under the feet of a herd of elephants, dodging the water that a giraffe throws off as it runs down its neck, or stopping the water that sprays from the horn of a rhinoceros or a panther’s whiskers, aiming the jets in other directions and soaking those who are passing by.

The installation is complemented with acacias from which different height waterfalls are projected, with swings, slides and ramps at their base. A new and inspiring experience for an interactive aquatic area.

Water Palm


Our design team continues to dedicate its efforts to the development of new leisure concepts and products. One of their latest creations is the Water Palm, an aquatic attraction that can be used to refresh the environment in a leisure pool, as well as entertaining kids in a children’s pool, with the different water patterns that it makes in the air.

The Water Palm is composed of a module of two opposite branches with 5 ejectors on each end, which causes a rotation around a textured themed steel column.

The palm tops can be configured with fewer or additional levels of branches and trunks of varying heights, according to the design of the project. Depending on the height and angle of the nozzles, the pool surface or children’s games area can be covered in different ways, creating multiple configurations of jets.




One of the pillars of our company is the innovation and development of new products. Today we would like to present our latest creation. The AquaWave. It is a product designed eminently for children, with an open and interactive concept. Using hard-coat covered EPS blocks, we create a three-dimensional space in which children can move about freely. They can climb up and down, slide around….it is a combination between a 3D labyrinth with slides and water games.


It is a highly versatile and dynamic concept that can be adapted to any terrain and dimension; it avoids queues, has a large capacity and is extremely attractive for children.

Although it has an aquatic component, its use is not limited to waterparks, being a perfect complement for public pools, campsites and it could even be used in theme and amusement parks for cooling down during the hot summer months.

Architectural façades



Our design department has created a new concept of children’s slide. Moulded with fibreglass reinforced elastic polymers and steel ribs, this fun slide allows for new shapes and organic outlines. Its kinematic behaviour is different to that of traditional rigid polyester slides, due to the controlled elasticity of the structure during use. The sliding surface wraps around users like a live organism, which reacts to their movements on descent. It is designed to be integrated into our AquaParty children’s play structures, although the system can be adapted to various kinds of theming solutions. The FlexSlider guarantees new experiences for users and a different and very evocative image in aquatic leisure environments. If you wish to receive further information on this product, please contact us.

Soft Slide


New children’s soft slide – fast to install and safe and fun for kids.

The slide is made with our 3DTech system and prefabricated in one or two large-format pieces. The absence of bolts or any anchoring element, together with the soft touch of its surface, makes it an ideal solution for children’s aquatic areas.

The absence of moulds for its fabrication allows its design to be adapted to the maximum dimensions requested by the client. As the decorative jets’ hydraulic distribution is inserted in the mono-block piece, it is much quicker to install in a pool than a conventional polyester slide.

Its asymmetric design creates different silhouettes from different viewpoints and real labyrinths and arabesques of slides can be created. If it is also combined with different aquatic and theming elements, the space is given a different appearance to that of traditional children’s pools.

For further information on this product, please contact us.


Lily Pad Umbrella


New product for children swimming pools. Can be located inside & outside of the swimming pool.