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3DTECH, the new 3D modelling system opens up a new dimension in the creative process

3DTech is a sophisticated, 3D-modelling based manufacturing system, which has infinite applications: impressive figures and sculptures, decorative and theming elements, architectonic features, (façades, columns, mouldings, cornices). This innovative system also provides endless possibilities in all kinds of leisure and entertainment projects: waterparks, theme parks, amusement parks, zoos, shopping malls, FECs, adventure parks, MultiAction pools for hotels, campsites, council projects and all the leisure facilities that we could possibly imagine.

This system’s flexibility allows us to create high-quality products, which are entirely made to measure and tailored to the specific needs of each project, with short delivery times and at very competitive prices.

The versatility of our 3D system, gives us great expressive autonomy, with which we can easily reproduce very complex and extremely imaginative designs, much faster than with other traditional construction techniques.

The 3D modelling system also permits high production capacity. Using a complicated IT system and a sophisticated scanner and a robot specially designed for this purpose, we can manufacture large and complex designs, quickly and in an automated manner, providing our clients with significant reductions in delivery periods and costs. Our products are manufactured solely with high-quality materials, making them safe and durable. Their long life and low maintenance costs, translate into additional savings.

There is no need to make moulds, or large numbers of the product in order to attain competitive prices.

The use of our products in any application will enable the creation of a unique and personalised space. This which will help to establish the project’s brand image and generate an iconic reference, differentiating it from the competition, enhancing user/visitor experiences and overall contributing to its success and improving the project or facility’s profitability.